About Immanuel Morgan City

Immanuel Morgan City exists to love God and people, connect with you, grow in Christ, and share the Gospel anywhere. 


Love is shown by our body of believers through our love for God and others. We desire to shine our love for God to others so they would find hope in Jesus. 

If we are to be a church who loves, we must be a people who commits to prayer from the outflow of our command to Love God and others with compassion.


We are not made to live in isolation. We were made for community in order to connect with God and others.  We desire to connect with everyone we come in contact with in order that they may experience God's love. 

We connect to build community as a body of believers in Jesus Christ to fight against unbelief, to encourage each other in the Lord, and bring our entrusted gifts to the table of service for God's glory. 


We grow by the truth found in the faithful biblical exposition of God's Word. We apply those principles of God's Word in our lives and hold each other accountable in our walk with Him.

We grow because Christ is supreme, sufficient, and calls every believer to maturity in Him. We believe in the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of the Bible. 


We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our community, region, nation, and world through missions and evangelism. We are commissioned to make disciples of all nations. 

We believe in strategic partnerships with like-minded churches and organizations. As we faithfully share the Gospel to others, we trust the Holy Spirit with the results.

What We Believe

Immanuel Morgan City affirms and abides by the articles of the Baptist Faith & Message (2000)

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